Studying at Ridley Hall

Teaching at Ridley Hall takes place over six separate teaching weeks. In each teaching week you study one module with the assignment due approximately 6-8 weeks after the teaching week. Assignments are a mixture of essays, theological reflections, resources for ministry and portfolios. Teaching involves a mix of lectures, seminars, group work, and tutorials. Teaching is delivered by a mix of Ridley Hall tutor staff and highly experienced practitioners.

You study six modules a year (full-time) and three modules a year (part time).

The teaching weeks are timetabled in September, October, January, February, April and June. The timetable and module choices for 18/19 can be downloaded here.


Typical Day

A typical day will start at 8:30am for worship, followed by half-an-hour set aside for reading. The first teaching session will take place between 9:30am and 12:30pm before you stop for lunch. The afternoon may consist of further lectures, seminars, or group work, or provide space for communal time, reflecting in ministry groups, or listening to a guest speaker. Evenings are generally free for you to study or socialise as you choose, with the exception of Thursday where we join together for communion at 5:30pm.

Student support

During your time at Ridley Hall you will be supported through a number of people including staff from the Cambridge Theological Federation, Ridley Hall staff, Federation tutors, specialized tutors, and dedicated centre staff, as well as your line manager and colleagues within your ministerial practice agency.

The support you receive is overseen by the Director of Studies (Lay Ministry) who is responsible for your academic studies and welfare throughout your time on the degree.
Supporting the Director of Studies are:

Learning Support

The nature of the support provided will be unique to you and your learning needs. We provide support for a variety of learning needs including a free initial assessment where needed and termly study skill days.

Graduates consistently rate the support provided throughout their studies as excellent.

 Lay Ministry at Ridley Hall provide a massive amount of support both pastorally and academically

2nd Year Student


Students are full members of the Ridley community and abide by the community rule.

We are an intentional worshipping community and worship together every morning and gather for communion on Thursday evenings.

Very supportive and helpful. I feel like there's been a community created even when we're apart from each other.

1st Year Lay Ministry Student