Send us out in the power of your SpiritThe call to serve the wider Church

Ridley’s core commitment is to provide the substantial and challenging training that will equip the leaders of the Church to meet the fresh demands made upon ministry.

Alongside this, we embrace opportunities to diversify our programmes and activities. Far from distracting the College they complement our core commitment.

Since the 1980s we have developed innovative programmes and centres which have been established for this very reason: each one has come into being in response to a specific need in society and the wider Church, and at the same time is a gift that enriches the community.

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Institute for Children, Youth and Mission


A vision for integrity and theology in youth work

In 1998, Ridley became one of the founding partners of the Institute for Children, Youth and Mission (CYM). This radical initiative has grown beyond all expectations and is now one of the largest full-time youth work training courses in the UK.

Graduates of CYM at Ridley have gone on to work in senior positions within church, school-based and community contexts across the UK and overseas. Recent graduates are bringing their training to bear in a range of diverse situations, from national and regional posts in various church dominations to working with marginalised children and young people in inner city London.

Find out more about CYM at Ridley Hall (formerly known as Cambridge CYM).


The Simeon Centre

Prayer ministry at RidleyEngaging in prayer

The Simeon Centre for Prayer and the Spiritual Life was established in 2007 to nourish and strengthen the spiritual life of the College, while at the same time resourcing the wider Church for faithful and prayerful discipleship.

It works alongside church leaders, dioceses, and congregations around the country, teaching and nurturing the disciplines of prayer, mentoring and spiritual direction.

At the heart of Ridley, the Centre provides guidance, encouragement and training in prayer and spiritual formation for the whole community, and is contributing to courses in the Cambridge Theological Federation.

Find out more: The Simeon Centre for Prayer and the Spiritual Life

The Newbigin Centre

newbiginEngaging Western culture with the Gospel

The Centre is named after Bishop Lesslie Newbigin (1909–1998) who inspired a generation of mission-minded thinkers and practitioners to engage with a range of questions facing the Western church in the face of increasing secularisation and cultural indifference towards Christianity.

It primary aim is to attract research students at both Masters and Doctoral level to continue to work at the kinds of questions that Newbigin opened up as challenges for contemporary Western Christians.  It also aims to resource and equip the church’s mission in the West through occasional conferences and seminars.

Find out more: The Newbigin Centre

Faith in Business

Ridley Hall, CambridgeRelating Christian faith to the world of work

Faith in Business was launched by Ridley to support today’s Christians in the world of work, while at the same time enlarging the vision of our current students for their future ministry.

For over 25 years this project has been supporting lay Christians in demanding working contexts and raising awareness among future church leaders of the critical issues of contemporary culture and business.

Insights gained through its programme of conferences, publications and research bring a fresh depth of understanding of the intersection between faith and the world of work to the training of our ordinands.

Find out more: Faith in Business

Building Christian leaders for the 21st Century

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