Ridley Hall has been educating and forming men and women for leadership in the church since 1881, creating a community where wisdom can be pursued through study, prayer, and worship.

Ridley Hall excels in Christian leadership training, fostering a community deeply rooted in divine love and biblical wisdom. We welcome students from all backgrounds for a transformative educational experience, emphasising dual training for lay and ordained Christian leaders. This approach prepares our graduates to lead and serve effectively, embodying Christ-like virtues and actively spreading the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Study at Ridley

Our ways of working

At Ridley Hall, we blend traditional and innovative teaching methods within a collaborative community, fostering both academic and spiritual growth. Our approach equips students with deep theological knowledge and practical skills, preparing them to lead effectively in diverse contexts. This supportive, inclusive environment ensures a transformative educational journey, enabling students to make a significant impact in their communities and beyond.



The Ridley Hall community fosters a nurturing environment where faith, wisdom, and leadership flourish. United by a shared purpose, students and faculty from diverse backgrounds support each other's growth, forming lifelong bonds and preparing for impactful Christian leadership through shared studies, worship, and service.


Growing in Wisdom

At Ridley Hall, wisdom is central, pursued through rigorous theological study, reflective prayer, and community engagement. This holistic approach deepens understanding and insight, equipping students to navigate complex moral landscapes and lead with integrity, embodying Christ-like qualities in all aspects of life and ministry.


Proclaiming Jesus

Faith at Ridley Hall is foundational, shaping every aspect of our community and curriculum. It drives our commitment to deep theological study, personal spiritual growth, and practical ministry training. This strong faith foundation prepares students to live out and share the Gospel confidently and compassionately in diverse settings.

Vision and Values

Ridley Hall is deeply committed to being a Christ-centred community, passionately guided by the Holy Spirit, where individuals are nurtured to grow in wisdom and actively prepare to proclaim Jesus Christ. Our mission is to provide rigorous training for both lay and ordained leaders from a diverse array of Christian backgrounds, thereby enhancing the renewal of the Church and contributing to societal well-being. We aspire for reconciliation through faith, aiming to restore communities and redeem neglected neighbourhoods through the transformative power of the gospel, which champions truth, justice, freedom, and new life across the globe.

Our educational approach integrates heartfelt worship and rigorous theological study in a supportive environment, empowering students to share Jesus' transformative love confidently with individuals, neighbourhoods, and communities. Looking forward, Ridley Hall is dedicated to evolving and growing under the Holy Spirit’s guidance. We aim to invest in our beautiful campus to provide a nurturing home for our expanding community of students, ensuring Ridley Hall's resilience in facing future challenges.

We cherish our open evangelical heritage and our longstanding commitment to excellence in teaching and learning alongside our vibrant relationships within both the Cambridge Theological Federation and the University of Cambridge’s Divinity Faculty. We value our daily communal practices of prayer, worship, shared meals, and joyful fellowship. Positioned in the heart of a historic university city, we are committed to serving God's mission in the world by forming people for a lifetime of loving service, empowered by the Spirit.

Ridley History

Named after the sixteenth-century martyr and Bishop of London Nicholas Ridley, Ridley Hall opened its doors in 1881 to train people eager to devote their lives to ordained ministry.

Under the leadership of the College’s first Principal, Handley Moule, the student body grew from an initial eight students to forty by the early 1900s. Ridley had become a thriving hub for ministry at home and around the world.

Early Years

Many of the College’s early alumni exercised their calling in Anglican parishes throughout Britain. But remembrance plaques in Ridley's chapel commemorate the willingness of others to follow Jesus wherever he led, even to the ends of the earth. Ridley’s alumni played a considerable role in helping to build the Anglican Communion, and have significantly influenced the Church and its mission ever since.

Ridley Today

Over the last century and a quarter Ridley has grown and changed, and we now prepare a diverse group of women and men of all ages to serve Christ in the Church through both lay and ordained ministry. We also offer a space for private study, spiritual renewal and refreshment to those taking a break from their careers or established ministries.

Ridley Hall People


The Revd Prebendary Dr Isabelle Hamley

principal@ridley.cam.ac.ukView Profile

Revd Rob McDonald

Dean of Academic Studies
rwm40@cam.ac.ukView Profile

The Revd Fiona Green

Vice Principal and Dean of Ministry Students
fjg32@cam.ac.ukView Profile


The Revd Dr Rob Mcdonald

Academic Dean
rwm40@cam.ac.ukView Profile

Lucy Anstey

Tutor in School Chaplaincy
lja48@cam.ac.ukView Profile

Rebecca Dean

Tutor in Youth Ministry
rd622@cam.ac.ukView Profile

The Revd Andrew Dunlop

Lecturer in Mixed Ecology Mission and Contextual Training & Tutor
ajd232@cam.ac.ukView Profile

Dr Sarah Dunlop

Tutor in Practical Theology
slbd2@cam.ac.ukView Profile

The Revd Dr Andy Byers

Tutor for New Testament
ajb371@cam.ac.ukView Profile

The Revd Dr Olga Fabrikant-Burke

Lecturer in Old Testament and Tutor & Admissions Tutor for Ordinands
oyf21@cam.ac.ukView Profile

The Revd Dr Andrew Goddard

Tutor in Ethics
ag767@cam.ac.ukView Profile

Dr Jo Griffiths

Director of Studies for Ministry
jfg33@cam.ac.ukView Profile

Dr Kathryn Kissell

Associate Tutor in Pastoral Studies
info@ridley.cam.ac.ukView Profile

June Massey

Specific Learning Differences Tutor
jem204@cam.ac.ukView Profile

The Revd Dr Sally Nash

Ministerial Practice Tutor
info@ridley.cam.ac.ukView Profile

The Revd Chris Pemberton

Lecturer in Church History and Tutor
atcp2@cam.ac.ukView Profile

Professor Andrew Parker

Associate Tutor for Sports Ministry
ap2230@cam.ac.ukView Profile

Suzi Stock

Ministerial Practice Tutor Ridley Online
ss2795@cam.ac.ukView Profile

Robin Barden

Director of Innovation and Director of Studies for Independent Students
rb499@cam.ac.ukView Profile

Support Staff

Fiona Bell-Williamson

Student Academic Administrative Services

Andrew Chamberlain

Director of Development

Helen Corley

Housekeeping Manager

Katie Bowers

Principals Administrator and Clerk to the Trustees

Dr Chris Grogan


Helena Keeble-Wright

Reception Manager and Retreat Coordinator

Howard Milton

Head Chef

Janine Stewart

Student Academic Administrative Services

Dr Jane Sinnett-Smith

CTF Digital Library Assistant

Guoliang Zhang, ACCA

Director of Finance

Lucy Thompson

Domestic Bursar

Tom Triggs

Premises Manager

Matt Cooper

Marketing Lead

Dave Borlase

Director of Engagement, Ridley Hall


Gail Adams

gea28@cam.ac.ukView Profile

The Revd Ian Adams

ira21@cam.ac.ukView Profile

Mike Kelly

Chaplain to Ridley Ministry Students
info@ridley.cam.ac.ukView Profile


The Revd Anne Aldridge

Ridley Associate

Professor Richard Bauckham

Senior Scholar

The Revd Dr Adrian Chatfield

Ridley Fellow

Graham Daniels

Ridley Associate

Padre Matt Coles

Ridley Associate

The Revd Dr Steve Griffiths

Ridley Associate

The Revd Dr Richard Higginson

Ridley Associate

Dr Eeva John

Ridley Associate

The Revd Dr Philip Jenson

Ridley Associate

The Revd Anders Litzell

Ridley Associate

The Revd Canon Jane Keiller

Ridley Associate

The Revd Canon Dave Male

Ridley Associate

The Revd Mark Rodel

Ridley Associate

The Revd Dr Michael B. Thompson

Ridley Associate

The Rt Revd David Williams

Ridley Associate

The Revd Dr Paul Weston

Ridley Fellow

The Revd Dr Christie Gilfeather

Ridley Associate

The Revd Professor Jeremy Begbie

Ridley Associate

Bekah Fairley

Ridley Associate


Mark Spelman


Andrew West


Rt Revd Debbie Sellin


Susan Pope


Professor Simeon Zahl


Revd Michael Bigg


Kina Perrira Njamba Robertshaw


Rt Revd Pete Wilcox


Canon Andrew Roy Presland BSc Hons


Revd Canon Rebecca Mary Dyball


Kevin John Holmes


Sibella Laing


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