Support us through giving and through prayer. Every time you take action, it enables Ridley Hall to be more effective in its mission of growing in wisdom and proclaiming Jesus

We would really value your support to keep Ridley growing and moving forward. If you are passionate about seeing people grow in wisdom and be empowered to proclaim Jesus in their communities, then we invite you to support us in this mission through prayer and financial support.

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To support the continuing development of Ridley Hall's work and ministry, as we seek to equip the future leaders of the Church, make a donation today.


Supporting Ridley Means...

Supporting Ridley Hall enables us to curate a learning experience that educates and empowers those who study with us to grow in wisdom and proclaim the name of Jesus in the communities that they work in.


Learning community

Your financial support enables us to sustain the learning community at Ridley Hall, which we consider essential for the spiritual growth of all our students. This commitment ensures that every student has access to the resources and support needed to deepen their faith and understanding.


Educating since 1882

For over 140 years, Ridley Hall has proudly served as a beacon of theological education, deeply valuing the stewardship of our rich history, cherished buildings, significant art, and vibrant culture. We believe that preserving these elements is a crucial part of the unique educational experience that Ridley Hall offers, connecting past traditions with future generations.


Serving Jesus

Many students at Ridley Hall are responding to God's call through acts of faith and service, often undertaking significant financial risks to pursue their vocation. We recognize the sacrifices involved and are committed to supporting their educational journeys. This commitment involves providing financial assistance and resources to ensure that all students have the opportunity to study without undue burden.


If you would like to pray for Ridley Hall, we have identified some key areas we would deeply appreciate your coming before God with.

Thank God for the gift of Ridley Hall: the College’s faithful witness to Jesus Christ and its work in preparing men and women for Christian ministry since 1881.

That the Good News of Jesus be proclaimed within the walls of Ridley Hall and beyond. That staff and students will grow in confidence in the Gospel and grace in communicating it.

That all who live, work and study at Ridley Hall will continue to grow in Christlike character — in love, wisdom and humility.

Thank God for our staff, working in housekeeping, catering, maintenance, administration, finance, teaching and leadership and ask for God’s blessing, provision and grace for them and their families.

For God’s provision for the various needs of Ridley Hall as we strive to prepare women and men for faithful and effective Gospel service.

Thank God for all of our students and their families and ask for God’s blessing, provision and grace for them.

For God’s blessing on those churches and communities in which Ridley students are currently serving and to which they will be sent in the years to come.

Leave a Legacy

Leaving a legacy to Ridley in your will is one way you can help secure Ridley Hall's contribution to the future ministry of the Church, even if you are unable to give at this moment. Generations of ordinands and their future ministries have benefitted from the bequests of donors and continue to do so today.

"The Lord has provided for us through Ridley and, since my husband died, has wonderfully provided for me. All that I have, including money, is a loan from Him. When I die and go to be with the Lord Jesus, I shall have no more need for the loan and so it goes back to him, to be used in his service. Ridley Hall is part of that service."

Sylvia Percival (widow of Revd Geoff Percival)

How to leave a legacy

A legacy to Ridley Hall may be included in your will when it is first drawn up, or later by the addition of a codicil to an existing will. Adding a codicil enables you to alter or add to the original provisions. We recommend that you always look after your family first and to seek the advice of a qualified solicitor in preparing your will to ensure your intentions are clearly represented and that the document is valid.

Leaving a legacy will help secure Ridley Hall's future contribution to the Church. A bequest that is directed to be used at the College’s discretion is the best way to help Ridley Hall’s aims as needs change over the years. It gives Ridley Hall flexibility to use the gift in the most beneficial way. However, if you would prefer to direct your legacy to a specific purpose, please contact our Development Office to discuss the possibilities.

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Find wisdom for your world in your way - Ridley Hall - Find wisdom for your world in your way - Ridley Hall - Find wisdom for your world in your way - Ridley Hall - Find wisdom for your world in your way - Ridley Hall - Find wisdom for your world in your way - Ridley Hall - Find wisdom for your world in your way - Ridley Hall - Find wisdom for your world in your way - Ridley Hall - Find wisdom for your world in your way - Ridley Hall -  

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