Dr Sarah Dunlop

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Dr Sarah Dunlop

Tutor in Practical Theology

01223 746592

Sarah Dunlop teaches Theological Reflection and Pastoral Care modules and is passionate about supporting students to make connections between classroom learning, worship and experiences of ministry.

She enjoys exploring with students the connections between culture, theology, missiology, ecclesiology and ministry practice. Her hope is that all students will leave Ridley with a flourishing spirituality and bank of learning that integrates and flows into creative, innovative and faith-filled ministry.

Sarah is passionate about Practical Theology and is an active contributor to the global expansion of this exciting new field of study. Her work sits at the nexus of sociology of religion and empirical theology.

Visual Knowledge

Visual Knowledge

Sarah observes that so much of what we know about our world comes through seeing. So why does the academy focus on texts?

Sarah has pioneered visual ethnography as a research method for the study of religion and spirituality. She has published and taught widely in this field and other qualitative research methods.

She is keen to bring photographs and visual reflection into the classroom and explore ways that visual material expands our capacity for doing theology.



Co-author of Megachurches and Social Engagement: Public Theology in Practice (2019) and Visualising Hope: Exploring the Spiritualities of Young People in Eastern and Central Europe (2008), Sarah’s research includes topics such as young people and social change, chaplaincy as public theology, contemporary discipleship and London’s megachurches.

Sarah is an active member of the Ecclesiology and Ethnography network and the British and Irish Association for Practical Theology. She is currently researching large Christian gatherings as sites of affective affinity.



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Other publications:

  • ‘Visualising transcendence: A case study of the spirituality of young people in Kyiv, Ukraine’ Frontier, (Keston Institute) Summer 2005, no. 9.