Disability access information

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Access information for Ridley Hall

The main buildings of Ridley Hall are listed grade II. Of these, the first to be built was the Principal’s Lodge and Entrance Block together with separately listed gate onto Ridley Hall Road (all 1879–81), followed by the north block and Chapel (1981–92) and then the west block (1912). Dashwood House (c.1962) in the north west corner of the site, and the Precincts (c.1984) to the south west corner are unlisted.

Ridley was founded in the late 1800s, and we have both the privilege of our Victorian buildings and their challenges. Making our built heritage, and our learning and living facilities, more accessible in an appropriate and sensitive manner is a central part of our continuing plans of improvement.

Ridley's courtyard and chapel

Physical Access

College grounds in general: Main entrance through archway with accessible ramps (one permanent and another temporary) and two steps entrance area. Grounds all accessible by slabbed paved paths and some gravel.

College buildings in general: Most buildings at Ridley are accessed by at least two steps, and many without a handrail. Plans are in place to provide accessible ramp to the Principal’s Lodge with an access to the Main Lecture Hall

Chapel: There is level access at the rear of the Chapel (please advise us in advance so that we can arrange access by this entrance). Inside, the chapel is spacious, with moveable chairs.

College offices: Most of the buildings which contain college offices are accessed by two steps up. Ramps are planned, and with advance notice we can arrange for you to meet staff elsewhere. With the current library relocation to a modular building there will also be a provision for accessible two offices.

Common rooms: The common room is opposite our dining hall, at the top of many stairs with no handrail. Inside the common room is carpeted and fairly spacious, with moveable furniture of various heights. There is a plan to install a stair lift.

Dining Hall: This is accessed by an external and internal flight of stairs, with no handrail. Plans are in place to install wheelchair stair lifts. The dining room itself is spacious and level inside, with moveable tables, wooden bench seating and a low-level servery.

Gardens: Our gardens are situated within the grounds of the college. They include fairly even slabbed paved paths, some gravel, and a level croquet lawn. All gardens are accessible, with no steps.

Laundry: The main laundry in the basement, down stairs. A washing machine is fitted in our disabled accommodation. We have started re-modeling of our laundry room and the completion is planned for March 2019. The laundry is still available at present.

Library: The library is up three flights of stairs, with one handrail. Books can be taken to an accessible location on request at present. There is a capital development plan to move the library into an accessible modular building.

Porters' Lodge and post room: Reception up two steps from the main entrance archway, with a window linking the archway directly through to reception. An intercom is installed at the reception entrance.

Toilets: There is a disabled toilet inside Staircase C. It is currently up four steps, but a temporary ramp is available until a permanent one can be built. We are also planning for a provision of an accessible toilet in the Principal’s Lodge and new Library building.

The Lecture Hall is currently up several steps, with temporary ramps available. The hall itself is level and spacious inside, with moveable furniture. There will be an accessible pathway leading from the Principal’s Lodge to the Lecture Hall.

Our two seminar rooms are up several steps and through awkward doors. Access would be possible on prior arrangement at present, however there is a plan schedule to have them accessible through the Principal’s Lodge accessible ramp.

Planned Access Improvements

Outline of Capital Development Programme

The first part of this plan will deliver disability access to all the main teaching and common-use rooms in the college and provide a modular library and study centre.

There is a plan to install an accessible ramp to the Principal’s Lodge and stair lifts to the Dining Hall and Common Room. Relocation of our current library to a new modular building will create an accessible learning space for disabled students and visitors with an allocated SpLD room.

We are planning for a provision of accessible WC in the Principal’s Lodge and the new library.