Enquiring about the Refreshment Programme

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Questions and applications to the programme

The Refreshment programme allows you to create a bespoke programme around your circumstances and your needs, so the best way to arrange your stay is simply to get in touch with us to discuss the possibilities.

Although sabbaticals, career breaks and furloughs are usually arranged well in advance, you are welcome to enquire whether there is room available even at short notice.

How to make an enquiry

To enquire about staying at Ridley as a guest on the Refreshment programme, please fill in our Refreshment enquiry form. It will give us the information we need at the beginning to help you to plan your stay at Ridley, and we can then take the conversation further by email or phone.

The Refreshment Programme Team

If you have questions about the Refreshment Programme, please contact the Refreshment Programme Co-ordinator, the Revd Fiona Green, or the Refreshment Programme Administrator Helena Keeble-Wright.

Revd Fiona Green

Refreshment Programme Coordinator

01223 741065

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Helena Keeble-Wright

Reception Manager
Refreshment Programme Coordinator

01223 746580

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