The Cambridge University Library

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The University Library

Only a ten-minute walk from Ridley is the University Library, home to one of the greatest collections of books, periodicals and manuscripts in the world.

From its beginnings as an asset for a tiny community of theologians and canon lawyers in the medieval university, the Library’s mission has expanded to serve the international scholarly community and now, through its digitisation projects, to reach new audiences across the world.

Over the course of six centuries the University Library’s collection have grown from a few dozen volumes on a handful of subjects into an extraordinary accumulation of several million books, maps, manuscripts and journals, augmented by an ever-increasing range of electronic resources.

The University Library website

As members of the Cambridge Theological Federation, all Ridley students (postgraduate and undergraduate) can register to use the University Library and borrow books. To register, CTF members need to take with them either their Cambridge University card, or their Theological Federation card if they do not have a blue University card.

The Cambridge University Library
The Cambridge University Library