Training and formation for ordained ministry

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Training and formation for ordained ministry

As an ordinand at Ridley Hall, you will find that we are focused on forming the whole person for a lifetime of Christian leadership. As such our robust approach to formation takes in the spiritual, academic, practical and social aspects of your training. Whether we are in the chapel, classroom, placement or sports centre, we encourage one another to be attentive to the presence and work of God in our midst.

"This is a beautiful gift which has been given to me, I open it each and every day when I am here and that is the gift of my vocation, my faith, Ridley and much more. I look forward to seeing what God has in store for me as I continue to discern my vocation day by day." Ben Brady, Ridley ordinand 2018-21

Prayer and worship lie at the heart of all that we do at Ridley. You will find that lectures, seminars and supervisions begin and end in an attitude of prayer. Gathering for worship creates a framework around which study, eating and socialising occur.

We continually encourage our students to make active connections between what they are learning in the place of prayer and in the classroom with what they are experiencing out on placement and among those the church is seeking to love and serve.

At the heart of our approach to Christian formation is a profound commitment to enabling the character of Christ to be formed in all of our students. This will allow them to be sent out by the Spirit of God to lead with love and humility and to share Jesus with kindness and compassion among those to whom they are sent.

"For top-quality collaborative, mission-minded, biblical ministerial training, I can't recommend Ridley highly enough." Revd Rhiannon King, Archdeacon of Ipswich (Ridley 1997–2000)
Witnessing on the streets during a college mission