Refreshment Programme Fees

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Fees for the Refreshment Programme

What is included?

The standard fees include:

  • A study-bedroom in College
  • Weekday meals
  • A weekly meeting with a member of the Ridley Hall Tutorial Staff for study guidance or spiritual direction, if required.
  • Access to all College lectures, events, discussion groups and social activities.
  • Reading rights to Ridley’s library (accessible 24 hours)
  • WiFi access in the study-bedroom and around College (also elsewhere on the University of Cambridge WiFi network)

A firm booking can only be confirmed after the College has received a reference from someone who is prepared to support your application.

2023-24 Fees

2023–24 Fees

For 2023-24 the Refreshment Programme rates are:

  • Per day: standard room £81; en-suite £101
  • Per week: standard room £444; en-suite £574
  • Per term:
    • Michaelmas (Sept 24th to Dec 8th): standard room £4,640; en-suite £5,998
    • Lent (Jan 15th to Mar 22nd): standard room £4,104; en-suite £5,292
    • Easter (Apr 22nd to June 14th): standard room £3,337; en-suite £4,297

Please note

  • En-suite rooms are in limited supply. We have one room that can be available for a married couple, with two single beds. This will be charged at full Refreshment Programme fee for the Refreshment Programme Guest and 50% of the Refreshment Programme fee again for the spouse to join as a room guest with Monday-Friday Meals.
  • Non-EU visiting Refreshment Programme visitors may need to pay £100 for the administration required to issue an Immigration Compliance Letter (required by the UK Government). However, this is not necessary if you are visiting is for a briefer break for refreshment rather than a more extended programme of study.
  • For those wishing to use other libraries of the Cambridge Theological Federation (CTF) and borrow books, there is a membership fee of £60. This is only available if you are staying for a whole term or more. This also allows visitors to audit modules in the Common Awards program.
  • It may be possible to book additional days outside term time (for which appropriate member rates apply), although this depends on room availability. There are no rooms available over the summer.
  • There is a non-returnable deposit of 10% of the total due for all bookings six months before your arrival date, with the balance required one month before your arrival date (or when the booking is made if at shorter notice). After your arrival at Ridley, we are not able to refund any part of the fee paid.
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