Newbigin Centre

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The Newbigin Centre for Gospel and Western Culture

The Newbigin Centre at Ridley Hall is named in memory of Bishop J. E. Lesslie Newbigin (1909–1998), a pioneer in thinking through the missionary challenge facing churches in the contemporary West.

Directed by Ridley’s Tutor in Mission & Homiletics, the Revd Dr Paul Weston, The Newbigin Centre follows in the tradition of Lesslie Newbigin’s work in exploring ways in which the secularised culture of the contemporary West can be addressed by the good news of Jesus.

“The development of a truly missionary encounter … is the greatest intellectual and practical task facing the Church.” Lesslie Newbigin

In light of this continuing challenge to thinkers and practitioners alike, the Newbigin Centre aims to contribute by attracting research students, resourcing and equipping the Church and developing an archive resource.

Photo of Bishop J. E. Lesslie Newbigin
Lesslie Newbigin: Photo courtesy of

Attracting research students

We aim to attract students studying for MPhil and PhD degrees on the challenges of mission in the contemporary, post-secular West.

Resourcing and equipping the Church

Our annual Summer Institute and other occasional conferences and seminars aim to resource and equip the Church’s mission in the West.

Developing an archive resource

We are continually developing our Newbigin Resources website, where you can find categorised document and audio files of many of Newbigin’s own outputs as well as a number of significant interactions with his thought.