Suzi Stock

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Suzi Stock

Practice Tutor (Ridley Online)

Suzi Stock is a formation tutor with Ridley Online. Based in Dunstable, she spends most of her time running a childcare business but also keeps busy training youth workers.

Suzi was a student at Ridley back in 1999-2002, graduating with a BA in Youth & Community Work and Applied Theology. Since graduating, Suzi has worked closely with Ridley delivering level 3 youth work training at Ridley for over ten years. Suzi’s involvement has included all aspects of delivery, planning, writing curriculum and assessing work.


Suzi is a JNC qualified youth worker who has been involved in a wide range of youth work over the years. She has seven youth work resource books published with Kevin Mayhew and has also written for magazines such as Youthwork and ROOTS (an ecumenical resource for churches).

Other roles

Suzi currently runs a childcare business with her husband (caring for around 25 children over a week) and is involved in community childcare: offering respite and emergency care for children and young people on the at risk register.

Personal interests

Mum to five, she is always busy but in her “spare” time she enjoys going to the gym, reading and baking cakes.